My family has always considered me as a handy man in my household since I fix most of the problems around my home. That was until last week when the Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) decided to misbehave. I bought new unit to replace the GFCI that was not functioning. During the installation I failed to connect the outlet correctly. When replacing a bulb afterwards I was electrocuted and passed out in the living room. That is when my wife called you reported a problem with the circuit. Your staff were able to identify that I had reversed the way the connection were supposed to be made. I had managed to mix up the line and load connections. I am happy to be alive but will be glad to call you in when I experience another electrical problem.  


I recently bought a home previously owned by an old couple that had live there for four decades. Before moving in I wanted to make sure that the structural integrity of the house was safe. I called in to schedule an appointment and was slotted in for the day after. When going through the wiring your staff identified several problems. Firstly, the wiring was knob and tube. The knob and tubes was the kind of insulation that was used a while ago. Running along the framing of the house it meant that not one socket would support the three pronged appliances. There was also no grounding making it dangerous for electronics. The fuse box wasn’t sized for the appliances that I was planning to use. Overall the replacement of the whole wiring system would cost me a good amount of money but I was assured that it would be worth it. We hit the ground running and it only took three weeks to completely change the system and patch up the circuits. I have since moved in and everything since to working smoothly.


Right from the time I called in to make an inquiry about the project I was starting your customer care showed professionalism. I had saved up enough money to open up my own restaurant. The only thing remaining was repurposing an office space for the eatery. My sister recommended that I engage your services since you had repaired the electricity a fixtures at her home. I came in to your offices for a consultation and gave my blueprints to a supervisor. He informed that the job would take a while since it was a little more complex than usual repairs. We agreed on a budget and a time frame and work kicked off immediately. Over the course of the project I witnessed the amount of detail your staff paid keen interest on. I stopped coming to check up on the work as often since I had developed trust in the staffs’ ability to work under minimal supervision. The work was completed successfully. We are about to open shortly once the paperwork is completed so expect an invitation to the opening ceremony in your mailbox soon.